Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're Over 9,000!

Forgive me for using a tired 4-chan meme, but I've been dying to do this for months.

Each month I compile the usage statistics for the Watha T. Daniel Interim Library and send a report to administration, and this then gets reported to the board of trustees. Among the statistics we keep are 1) the number of visitors to the library, 2) the number of new library cards issued that month, and 3) attendance at library programs (as well as many other things).

During the month of July we had 9,170 visitors at Watha T. Daniel, and we had 1,218 children adults and teens at library programs. All that AND we had two days of holiday closures for the fourth of July!

Thank you for supporting the Watha T. Daniel Interim Library, and thank you for putting us over 9,000!

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