Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Revisiting the Vampire Novel



Anonymous said...

Try a new book Revenants: Fallen Savior by Ryan Sherwood. www.ryansherwood.com.
Revenants is the first book in a series that fundamental retools the vampire into a new creature that, I must admit since I have grown tired of the same old static vampire, that hasn't changed for over a hundred years, makes more sense. In fact, the name vampire is a slur in the book. A revenant is a corpse, reanimated by a misguided soul, that has access to every past life of the soul that reanimated it. Once able to traverse the maze of past lives, a revenant can manipulate the soul for knowledge and even as a weapon.
Whole societies and ideologies exist among the revenants and though they downplay their past human existences, revenants sure war like humans.
I could go on forever here but that's what the book is for. So if you want a fresh vampire book alternative with depth, action and poignancy go to www.ryansherwood.com and try Revenants: Fallen Savior.

Casey said...

That sounds awesome! Personally I like the Victorian vampire, but the more takes on the legend the better.