Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hats Off to the Maryland Science Center!!!

I grew up in a scientific household. My dad was a chemist for Corning, Inc and when we were kids he would bring home liquid nitrogen, hydrochloric acid, lasers, and all sorts of things to teach my brother and me about science (or was it to shut us up?) There is a certain look that kids get when the science experiments roll out... you wish you could bottle and sell it. But alas, if the best we can do as adults is to bring those smiles out once in a while, that'll have to do. [Enter Maryland Science Center]

Yesterday two young women showed up at our branch with smiles as their secondary objective, their primary objective being, of course, education. And what a show it was! There were Slinkys, Bunsen burners, explosions and many many bright shining smiles. I guess I could try to describe it in words, but this time let's let the pictures speak for themselves.

We have lots more programming coming up this summer for kids and adults. For more information about upcoming programs please give us a call or stop by the branch:

Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Interim Library
945 Rhode Island Ave, NW
Washington, DC
(202) 671-0267

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