Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Introducing your new Creative Content Station!

I have an Apple computer at home for audio-visual work and have been using Macs for that last ten years. You may not own one yourself, but you’ve probably seen one and remarked about how cool they look. You also might’ve said something like, “Wow, that computer is pretty, but I could never figure it out.” Well, now Macs are more user-friendly than ever, and more powerful, and more fun! Come see for yourself at our library, where we’ve just installed our Creative Content Station. This machine blows mine out of the water ten times over.

The Station consists of a brand new beautiful iMac (yes, it’s huge) with software capable of creating high-quality movies, editing photos, creating original music, and uploading your finished products to the web. In addition, we’ve got a digital camera, a video camera, and audio equipment for public use to help make your artistic dreams a reality. It’s also a perfect machine to help people get accustomed to Apple computers, as they are only getting more popular.

So come check out our new Creative Content Station. Let’s make some MOVIES!!!

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