Saturday, August 9, 2008

Watch Our Garden Grow

On July 19th, Watha T. Daniel-Shaw Interim Library had the Washington National Opera back to do an interactive program about the opera Madama Butterfly. We learned about the different aspects of an opera, the story of Madama Butterfly, a fan dance and a cool butterfly craft. After the program was over we all went outside to plant butterfly gardens for the library.

We planted to long planters and two small pots with flower seeds. We also decorated the planters and pots. And oh has our garden grown! In the first 48 hours both of the long long planters started showing growth. Little sprouts were popping up everywhere. There have been some causalities as well. The two little pots did not make it. One was knocked over and lost all its dirt and seeds in a storm. The other small plant has just plain gone missing. Since the two planters have an abundance of seedlings, I will weed them out into the small pot we still have. Here are some pictures from the day we planted and today. Watch our garden grow!
First Day:


I will keep everyone updated on how our garden is growing!

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