Monday, November 24, 2008

This Week @ Watha T. Nov. 24th - Nov. 30th

Good Afternoon Neighbors!

Eric couldn't be here today to give you all the skinny on this weeks activities, so I'll be filling in. We look forward to seeing you, and in advance, Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, Nov. 24

3:30: Homework Help
6:00: Thanksgiving Crafts and Stories

Tuesday, Nov. 25

10:00: Rock Along with Casey
4:00: Tech Tuesday: Online Forms and Applications

Wednesday, Nov. 26

10:00: Story Time with Miss Tracy
6:00: Chess Club
6:00: Classic Films: Ferris Beuler's Day Off
7:30: Knitting Club

Thursday, Nov. 27

Thanksgiving Day!

We will be closed for the holiday.

Friday, Nov. 28

3:30: Karaoke Jams

Saturday, Nov. 29

12:00: National Novel Writing Month Support Group

Sunday, Nov. 30

2:00: Sunday Stories for Tweens (6-12): No Talking by Andrew Clements (week 4)

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