Friday, April 3, 2009

Dry Erase Board Table

I am so excited to announce that we now have a dry erase board table in the young adult room at Watha T. Daniel!

Take a moment to stop in, write us a little poem, draw a little artwork and share it with your friends.

Get your dungeons and dragons group in here and draw out the site maps.

Have a meeting and brainstorm together.

Check it out!


msannakoval said...

wow, wtd, this table is super cool! =) we totally want one now, too! =) where did you guys get it?

anna koval =)
petaluma, california

Eric Riley said...

Hey Anna!

We got it from Demco. It's the "Allied Marker Board Table." Ours is the 36" round one. Product ID: WF12154750.


msannakoval said...

awesome, eric, thanks! =) i'll let you know if we decide to copy your great idea! =)

Anonymous said...

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